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My name is Ashten, and I am a native Texan who has happily settled into Alabama life. A recovering litigator, I now work as in-house counsel for a bank and live in Birmingham with my amazing husband Dustin and our dog Trip. Dustin and I love to adventure, and I hope to share much of our life within the words of this website. I'm incredibly thankful for the support I've gotten from the hubs in this (and every) endeavor. You may find that I gush about him often in my writing, but that's because he is my very best friend and favorite person. He challenges me to be the best version of myself, and I am eternally grateful that God made him for me.

I would be remiss not to share that the origins of blogging for me are rooted not in adventure, practical life lessons, or even spiritual truths. I began blogging in January 2014 as a way to deal with grief. You see, in a span of seven months in 2013, I went from dating to engaged to married to widow. I only knew my first husband for about 15 months, and our marriage, which began a few days after he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, only lasted 5 months before he met Jesus on my 27th birthday. But that season, and the season of recovery, redemption, and restoration that followed have forever shaped the person I am today.


God gave me a Ruth story when I met Dustin in 2015. I knew within 2 months that he was my answered prayer, and we were married in December 2016, just shy of 2 weeks after I turned 30. Where my blogs initially got me through grief and recovery, now they are a reflection of who I have become because of the road I've walked. 

My words are deeply settled in faith and hope, as well as humor, irony, and love. I hope to share truths that are useful, challenging, and maybe even moving. I also hope that you enjoy the more practical and fun parts of this site because I sure have had fun creating them.

Welcome to my adventure!

©2018 by This Constant Hope.

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