From Lot to Love: Home Sweet Home

In the summer of 2016, not even two months after we got engaged, Dustin and I bought some dirt. Over the next year, we designed, re-designed, and re-re-designed our dream home and then watched our house come to life. This section of the blog is all about the things we learned during the building process and the way we've designed a home we love. Now y'all, I'm no interior designer.  What I am is a storyteller, and for me, our home tells our story. 


Be a team

They say building a house will test a marriage. We actually loved it! Here's how we worked together.


Be persistent

Y'all, this is your house. Be sure it's everything you want. 


Tell a Story

Let your home be a reflection of who you are


Design an open space

Big open space? Map it out.


Be practical

Think beyond design. What will make life easier? How about a dog door build into the wall?


A Blessed Foundation

I love knowing our house is literally built on scripture (and our vows)!


The Palette

How choosing your colors can make all the difference


Get inspiration

Don't reinvent the wheel when it comes to designing a home.


Choose a Style

Modern rustic? Farmhouse? Choose a style before picking pieces.

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