Kitchen Design: What We Love and
What We'd Change
September 2018

Designing a kitchen may be one of the most fun parts about building a house. From the style and color of your cabinets to the material and color of the countertops, there are a lot of decisions to be made, and seeing it all come together is super fun. That being said, if we were to re-design our kitchen today, there are a few things that we would most definitely do the same and a few things we would change now that we've had the chance to live and cook in our space for over a year. 


Things we love:

1. The oversized island

So, this wasn't so much a choice we had to (or got to) make as much as it was just a part of our chosen floorplan that we particularly love. I worried a little about the overall lack of useable prep space on our counters, as we have sectioned blocks of counters instead of one big slab. However, I have not lacked prep space at all. In fact, the island is even better than wall counters because it allows Dustin and me to cook side-by-side, with all of our ingredients laid out in front of us. If we ever design another kitchen, a huge island is a must have.

2. Two-toned cabinets

This is a design choice that I would 100% make again. We chose to do a lighter gray, shaker style cabinet for the walls of our kitchen and a darker gray/navy, shaker style cabinet for the island. We then chose a countertop pattern that would go with both, and I love the result. It's visually interesting and on-trend for kitchen design.

3. Apron-front sink

Y'all, I love my sink. We went with a cast-iron, apron-front sink from Kohler, and it rocks my world. You do need to be careful (I broke our coffee pot on the sink bottom within the first 3 months of living here), but that sink embodies the "modern rustic" feel we wanted in our house. 

What we would change

1. Honed countertops

We decided to go a little out-of-the-box with our counters and do a honed granite, which is granite that is sealed but not polished. It gives a cool matte finish that we love. What we do not love is that, even though the counters are sealed (which we confirmed before installation), they absorb stains (and even just water rings) more easily than polished granite. In fact, when we drink red wine, I put a dishtowel down beneath the glasses and pour right next to the sink. No one should fear getting food or drink on the counters in her kitchen. Even though the look is cool, we would probably go with quartz if we were to do it again.

2. Cabinet pulls that catch on clothing

This is a design choice Dustin and I actually disagreed on to begin with. I wanted a different style pull that was more traditional in shape; he wanted the trendy pulls that are open on the ends. I decided that wasn't a battle I wanted to fight... and now I regret it. With my 5'7" frame and long legs, those pulls hit my thighs at just the right place for shorts to catch. I have a pair of new Calia workout shorts and a pair of pajama shorts that now have holes in them. Definitely would change the cabinet pulls.

3. Edison bulb island light fixture

Edison bulbs have been a trendy design element for a few years now, and we used them in three light fixtures in our house: the dining room chandelier, the front entryway light, and the fixture over the island. While we love the look of the island fixture, it gets super hot. Like, people begin sweating when standing around the island for too long. This is a problem when we use the island as a buffet for parties (which we all know means the girls stand around grazing the whole time). If we could do it again, we'd pick a light fixture that gives off less heat.