Travel Guide: Magnolia
November 2018

Earlier this year, my parents moved from the Dallas suburbs down to a small Texas town called Hubbard, which is about 25 minutes from Waco. We spent time at their house last weekend, so of course we drove the short way to The Silos and experienced all things Magnolia. Here are our takeaways:


Magnolia Table

We started our day with breakfast at Magnolia Table. We went on a Thursday and got there at about 9; our wait was a total of 5 minutes! I understand that the later you arrive, the longer the wait, but if you get there for breakfast on a non-weekend day, it's not actually too bad. We started with pecan flavored coffee and a shareable of deviled eggs with candied bacon and jalapeno jam. Y'all. So good! The jam had a nice kick to it and everything was very flavorful. 


For main courses, Dustin and my mom and dad all got the same thing - Farm Eggs Benedict served over biscuits. Let's just say they all cleaned their plates. The biscuits were actually one of the main reasons I wanted to do breakfast at MT, so I ordered a separate side, and oh holy biscuit batman. The biscuits themselves were warm, buttery and soft and when you add the strawberry butter? Heaven. I paired those with a delicious Avocado Toast. 


We finished MT by visiting the market, where I grabbed a coffee mug and my dad picked up a couple bags of caramel treats. You can also buy the strawberry butter, among other goodies from the market. 


Magnolia Warehouse

Our second Magnolia stop was the Warehouse, which is home to some overflow and discounted items (including some slightly damaged pieces you can get heavily discounted). The Warehouse is small and the selection was not huge. It's worth a stop because you might find a little goodie for cheap, but don't plan to spend much time here.

Magnolia Market

After a stop at the Dr. Pepper museum, we ventured over to the Silos, where our first stop was Magnolia Market. The Market is huge, with a lot of products. Once you get through the main building (which is filled with home-goods), there is an entire other area full of Magnolia merchandise. Dustin and I bought a galvanized metal bucket and a set of birch logs to put on our fireplace hearth. We easily could have bought half the store!


The Silos Lawn

After we did a little shopping and took some photos, we settled in to the Silos lawn area. The lawn is filled with bean bag chairs and games you can play. We grabbed lunch from the surrounding food trucks and then spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out on the lawn. My nieces played tag and kicked a little ball around, Dustin laid on a bean bag chair, very nearly falling asleep, and my dad made friends with fellow visitors. It was a great afternoon.


Silos Bakery

We actually came back the next day to do the bakery. We arrived at around 4pm, and even though there was a decent line, it moved pretty quickly. Dustin and I got a campfire cupcake (for me), and "Nuts and Bolts" cupcake for him, and a Pumpkin Spice Cupcake to share. We also got a cinnamon roll to eat for breakfast the following day. The cupcakes were delicious, though what I have to recommend most is the cinnamon roll! Heat it up for a few seconds and it's perfect.


Overall, a day at Magnolia is one I recommend. Try going on a weekday (with good weather), and you'll have a great time!