When I met Dustin, I had a lot of life figured out. I had a career. I was the sole signer on a home mortgage and a car loan - both of which I qualified for without any help. I had a dog and a great group of friends. I budgeted, saved, and spent however I pleased. I cooked for myself, chose when and where to travel or shop. In other words, I was a wholly independent woman. And yet, there existed in my heart a desire to be pursued. I did not need to rescued by a knight in shining armor, but I did have a deep-seated longing for love and companionship that I hoped God would fulfill with a husband who I could share my life with. 

In the fall of 2015, God answered my prayers with Dustin. Interestingly, Dustin was also settled in life. He had a career and a mortgage. He owned his car. He had a dog. He budgeted, saved, and spent however he pleased. You get the idea. God paired two organized, independent individuals when he paired us together. 

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